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The mission of Hello Life Eating Disorder Recovery Services is to provide an equitable, free, accessible and dignified pathway to eating disorder recovery and positive body image to all individuals in Southwest Washington.

Hello Life’s core values are dignity and respect for all bodies and equal and quality access to healthcare for all bodies.

Hello Life’s work is rooted in the principles of Health at Every Size which emphasizes body diversity, body inclusion, life enhancing joyful movement , balanced eating and radical self love and body acceptance.

Hello Life is a peer led agency that provides free peer mentorship and advocacy, peer support and a pathway to healing to those battling eating disorders and negative body image in Cowlitz County, Washington. Hello Life is led by peers with lived experience with eating disorders and body image challenges. All services provided by Hello Life are free. Hello Life serves all individuals who self-identity as struggling with an eating disorder and negative body image.

Hello Life has two core programs, The Eating Disorder Recovery Program and the Eating Disorder Prevention Program. The Eating Disorder Recovery Program helps match those in recovery with a peer mentor or advocate who helps guide them on their recovery journey, connects clients with resources and education specific to eating disorders, and helps provide financial assistance for eating disorder treatment for underserved, low-income individuals and individuals who otherwise could not afford treatment. Hello Life works hard to use personalized referrals for those we serve who are interested in receiving professional medical or mental health treatment. Hello Life does not offer medical advice and is not ran by medical professionals. Hello Life works hard to listen to the needs of our clients and try to find them professional referrals that fit their needs. This program also offers peer led support groups.

Our Prevention program focus focuses on reaching our community through body positive groups, community awareness, education and connection. Through this program, Hello Life’s goal is to provide our community with the resources, support and awareness it needs to support eating disorder prevention. Through this program, Hello Life provides age appropriate body positive activities, groups and classes to local youth.

We are an accredited 501c(3) nonprofit tax exempt organization and a proud partner agency of United Way of Cowlitz and Wahkiakum Counties.We believe that recovery is about self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance. No one person’s journey is ever the same, and we believe in meeting each person exactly where they are at.

Hello Life services are not intended to replace professional eating disorder help and are intended to use in conjunction with mental health professionals and medical professionals.

Hello Life spreads hope. Hope is so often something that is derived from deep pain. But, above all, it is something that needs to be vigorously spread to those in need. Hope is at the core of why Hello Life was created.

Hello Life was founded by Shira Lile in April of 2015 after moving to Cowlitz County and realizing there was a need for resources to support eating disorder recovery and prevention .

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