Hello Life is excited to announce that we now do presentations, trainings and outreaches for our local Cowlitz County community and surrounding areas.

Presentations cannot be copied or distributed by other organizations unless with permission from Hello Life Admin.

All of our trainings, presentations and outreaches are free. We offer the following trainings/presentations:

  • Trainings for parents and loved ones on red flags for children who may be developing an eating disorder or disordered eating
  • Trainings for parents and loved ones on how to support a loved one who is battling with an eating disorder
  • Trainings for school staff on how to create a body positive environment in your classroom and schools.
  • Presentations for K-12 schools on eating disorder prevention
  • -Presentations for K-12 schools on self-love, self acceptance and how to create and sustain a positive body image
  • Self love workshops for any K-12 classroom
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