Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the listed resources below and we acknowledge that each provider has their own policies and payment policies.

Some of the listed resources below do not accept all forms of insurance or state insurance. We also understand that not all insurance providers cover eating disorder treatment in full.

It is because of this that Hello Life is dedicated and passionate about helping provide financial assistance as much as we can for those we serve in Cowlitz County and Southwest Washington to obtain professional treatment. If financial cost is a barrier to you accessing professional services related to eating disorder recovery, please reach out to us at or text or call us at 971-770-0680.

If you live outside of our service area and are in need of financial assistance for treatment please visit Project Heal at

*All Hello Life payments are made directly to the provider with a proper release of information signed*

This is not a complete list of professional providers in our area. For a complete list of nationwide providers specifically for eating disorder recovery, please visit the National Eating Disorder Association at

Professional general mental health agencies and providers in Cowlitz County, WA

  • Northwest Psychological Resources
    (360) 414-8600
  • Columbia Wellness
  • A First Place
  • Great Rivers Behavioral Health
  • NAMI Southwest Washington
  • Jana Schmutz, LMHC. (Longview, WA)
    360-414-8600 ext 148 or
  • Macee Whatley, MHP, LMHC (Longview, WA), Prefers working with ages 13+ or 360-442-6305
  • Michele M. Waltz, MA, LMHC, LPC, MAC, SAP
  • Alex Potter, LMHC. Alex is a Substance Use Disorder Professional for individuals seeking co-occurring treatment.

12 Step programs in Longview, WA

  • Food Addicts Anonymous, Longview, WA
  • 1414 Club
    For list of full schedule please visit

Professional eating disorder mental health providers and nutritionists in Vancouver,WA and Portland, Oregon (May be offering Telehealth)

  • Food is not the Enemy (Vancouver, WA, with Telehealth options)
    Offers both professional eating disorder therapy and intuitive eating coaching. Also offer professionally led support groups for adults. or 360-726-4141 Ext 1
  • PDX Nutrition (Portland, OR)
    “We are weight-inclusive providers and believe that all foods can fit into a sustainable and healthy lifestyle that promotes joy. By combining the science of nutrition and intuition, we provide our clients with the skills and tools to approach food in a more positive and life-giving way. We practice from a Health at Every Size (HAES®) perspective and believe that ALL bodies deserve nourishment and respect.”

Professional eating disorder providers in Seattle area who offer telehealth and family support

  • Opal Food and Body

Inpatient/Intensive Outpatient treatment centers in Portland for eating disorders

  • Clementine, for adolescents (inpatient treatment program for adolescents)

855-900-2221 or

  • Kartini Clinic for Children and Families (Serves youth ages 6 to 18)
    com or 971-319-6800
  • Center for Discovery (Inpatient for adults)

Books about eating disorder recovery:

Life Without Ed
Find Life Without Ed Here

For other resources on eating disorders nationwide:

Living Proof MN
Peer mentoring, online virtual support groups, extended support

National Eating Disorders Association Hotline
Monday-Thursday 12pm-6pm
Fridays 12pm-3 pm
or text NEDA to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Helpline


National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline


National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders Helpline


or text “hello” to 741741

Phone Apps

This article link below lists 25 different phone apps specialized for mental health and eating disorders

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