“A little over a year ago I began the hardest and yet most rewarding journey I would ever embark on, the road to recovery.
Absolutely terrified, totally alone and shaking I entered a psychologist’s office. After battling anorexia and bulimia for 8 years that began from the pressures of being a world ranked elite gymnast I was isolated. I knew I didn’t want to live in a trapped, dark and unhealthy life anymore, but I was supposed to go into this office and tell a complete stranger ‘my story’? Not a soul knew about my very real eating disorder, I had lived in the shadows of ED for years in silence. I just couldn’t do it. I spent the session discussing other issues that seemed more normal. I left, feeling defeated. I went into work later that day, and was telling a co-worker about eating healthy, my goals etc. He explained to me his sister had suffered from anorexia, and to check out at the time her blog, called Hello Life. That night, I did just that. I read daily entries and realized I wasn’t alone. Just like me, she had ‘her story’ and she was strong enough to share her story and begin her recovery. This sudden impulse of courage came over me, and taking advantage of it, I sent her a message, explaining a bit of everything about my eating disorder and myself. Shira was her name, and she immediately messaged me back with the kindest and most compassionate words I had ever heard. A complete stranger had offered me her support wisdom and courage. She didn’t make me feel embarrassed or like an obligation, Shira appreciated me reaching out, and in return reached out a hundred times more. She didn’t have to do this, she didn’t even know me she didn’t need to care, but she did and that was the moment the tides turned, and gave me that strength I needed that truly changed my life.
With this new found strength and courage I went back to the psychologist and for the first time in my life was open and honest about my eating disorder, all of the pain and suffering, unhealthy and dangerous behaviors were out in the open.
I can 100% guarantee that this moment of truth and honesty would not have happened without Hello Life. I can truly say that what began as a message from a stranger is what saved my life, and led me onto the road of recovery. Over a year later now, with help of a therapist and Intensive Outpatient Program I can truly say that I am in recovery. Yes, it is something that you will battle the rest of your life, it has its ups and downs, and sometimes the ED voice is louder than others, but most importantly I am here. I am living, I am strong, I am beautiful and every morning when I wake up, I smile and tell myself this life is beautiful, it is my life.”
-Caitlin Shane, Albuquerque NM

“I’m trying to find the words to express how I feel about Hello Life and what this amazing support group has done for me. I know looking back over the past year and a half that I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it weren’t for hello life and mostly Shira!  In the depths of my eating disorder in January 2013 I stumbled upon the Hello Life blog! I was tirelessly searching for people that could relate to my situation advice support anything.  By some miracle I found the 365 days without a scale blog.  Somehow during this quest I found myself becoming connected with this incredibly inspirational woman writing in this blog every day!  It was her strength, the strength of the support group, that propelled me to make the decision to enter into an inpatient facility.  They rallied around me supported me and lifted me!  Even during my stay!  This incredible group of women are like my family. I want to say so much more but words cannot express how I feel about the Hello Life group,”-Ja’net Carlos, Marmora, NewJersey 

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